At What Age Do Dogs Get Arthritis? 8 Signs of Arthritis

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Just like humans, arthritis in dogs is a degenerative and painful disease. It can also have a huge impact on your dog's quality of life. So, at what age do dogs get arthritis? Your dog may develop arthritis as early as 1 year of age but they are far more likely to show signs of arthritis at about 8 years old.

A dog's arthritis has many factors that can influence the severity of the issue. To determine how arthritis will affect your dog, we need to take into consideration a few factors.

How old is your senior dog? Does your dog suffer from additional joint disease, or joint damage, like hip dysplasia? Is your dog at a healthy weight? Do they also have rheumatoid arthritis?

at what age do dogs get arthritis

Signs of Dog Arthritis

As discussed, dogs typically show signs of arthritis around year 8. Younger dogs may begin to develop arthritis, but it is rare and generally linked to their breed and weight.

Let's take a look at some signs of arthritis as your dog ages.

signs of dog arthritis

8 Signs of Arthritis

  1. Limping

  2. Licking or Chewing

  3. Biting

  4. Muscle Atrophy or Lack of Muscle Tone

  5. Difficulty Moving

  6. Irritability

  7. Tiredness

  8. Spinal Issues

Each of these issues are a likely sign your dog has arthritis as they age.

If you begin to notice any of these signs, please seek out your local veterinary medicine and ask for a full physical examination. This will help to determine if your aged dog has arthritis and you can learn how to treat the arthritis.

Some Dog Breeds Are More Likely To Suffer From Arthritis

As most pet owners know, a dog's health can vary widely between breeds. Arthritis in dogs is no different. For example, as hip dysplasia is very common in Boxers, arthritis and joint damage is common in other breeds - especially larger breeds.

Let's take a look at which breeds have high and very high risk factors.

It's important to remember that the main reason these dogs are at a higher risk as they age is because of their general size and weight.

disabled dog in wheelchair

Dog Breeds With a High Risk Factor For Arthritis As They Age

  • Standard Poodle

  • Saint Bernard

  • Bulldog

  • Dalmatian

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Australian Cattle Dog

  • American Cocker Spaniel

Dog Breeds With a Very High Risk Factor For Arthritis As They Age

  • German Shepherd

  • Golden Retriever

  • Great Dane

  • Labrador Retriever

  • Rottweiler

What Are The Affected Joints?

Like humans, arthritis can affect any joint, but is generally found in the hips, shoulders, and knees in dogs.

Prevent and Treat Arthritis In Dogs | 5 Prevention and Treatment Tips (Video)

Conclusion: What Age Do Dogs Get Arthritis?

Arthritis in dogs is painful. And as a dog owner, I always want what is best for my dog's mobility and health. We want to do our best to help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and help those painful joints.

It's important to look out for the signs of arthritis in dogs and pay attention if you feel like they may need help. This can be physical therapy, trying joint supplements, or simply going on a walk or to the dog park to get the joints moving.

Lastly, it's very important to watch your dog's weight and if they have arthritis already, work on weight management. We can't control our furry friends age or breed, but we can keep your dog healthy by ensuring they have a good diet!

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