How To Calm An Anxious Dog in a Car: 5 Tips

Tory Johnson

Does your dog have anxiety during car rides? Anxiety in dogs is very common, and even more common in the car. And to make matters worse, our dogs can get motion sickness in addition to the car anxiety! If you're going on a long car ride and want to improve your dog's car anxiety, keep reading. In this post we'll discuss how to calm an anxious dog in the car.

How To Calm An Anxious Dog in a Car

Why does my dog cry in the car?

Many dogs cry and whine in the car for a number of reasons. Usually it's related to their anxiety.

Our dogs aren't sure what's going on or where they're going during a car ride. Are they afraid they're headed to the groomers? Or simply going to the dog park? Maybe they even have PTSD from a previous car accident.

Dogs have these questions! And without knowing the answer, they can get anxious.

Unfortunately, we can't tell our dogs where we're going (wouldn't that be nice!). But there are a few things we can do to help ease their anxiety and car sickness.

5 Tips: How to help a dog with car anxiety

Let's take a look at 5 ways we can help our dog's motion sickness and travel anxiety.

1. Exercise

exercise your dog to help with car anxiety

For longer car rides, it's a good idea to exercise before jumping in the car. Exercising can help your dog calm down. They'll be worn out and maybe even sleep during their car ride.

In addition to physical exercise, it's a great idea to exercise your dog mentally! Try playing a few games with your dog before getting in the car.

Your dog will appreciate the exercise and games while you appreciate a peaceful car ride!

2. Ginger for car sickness

ginger can help car sickness in dogs

Car sickness and motion sickness can be hazardous for your car.

We've all had a dog puke in the car because of their motion sickness. Ginger can help to relieve your dog's upset stomach. It may even provide a calming effect!

Lastly, you'll want to limit your dog's food prior to car travel. They'll have a much lower chance of puking during the trip with an empty stomach.

3. Calming supplements

Our furry friends can feel anxious, stressed, and hyperactive during car rides. And as dog owners, we want to do everything possible to help our anxious dog relax.

That's why we've created specially formulated calming treats for dogs

calming supplements to calm an anxious dog in the car

Calming supplements work by providing your dog with a number of delicious and natural herbs and amino acids, like L Tryptophan, designed to promote a calm behavior.

In addition to the calming effects, our calming treats contain ginger. Try a calming treat before your dog's next car ride and see if it helps!

4. Calming music

During your car ride, play calming music for your dog and see if it has any effect.

You can try our dog calming music that can be found on YouTube or maybe some classical music on the YouTube Music app.

calming music can help dog car anxiety

Our calming music has helped many dogs go to sleep and believe your dog may benefit during car travel! Give it a shot.

5. For longer car rides stop at the dog park

dog park during car rides

Car trips can become boring for dogs very quickly. So, why not stop and get some fresh air?

Go ahead and park the car, open the car door and hop out. Let your dog get some much needed exercise and fresh air at the dog park.

A simple 10 minute break can do wonders if your dog is car sick. And of course your dog can go poop and pee during the break!

Overcoming dog car anxiety

Canine car anxiety is a real issue and affects all dogs from puppies to adult dogs.

Keep your car cool and try out some of our tips to help your dog enjoy, rather than fear, car rides.

dog laying in car

It can take a while to help your dog overcome car anxiety, but keep at it and they'll enjoy car rides before you know it!

Conclusion: How to keep a dog calm in the car

Although driving with an anxious dog may seem like an impossible task, it's important to remember that there are solutions to keep your furry friend calm while in the car.

Taking time to invest into a few different approaches and finding out which works best for you and your dog is key.

Be mindful of how you react to them; with patience and understanding, you will find that traveling with your dog is greatly rewarding!

After all, enjoyment for both of you should remain at the top of the list when embarking on any road trip!

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