What Does Hemp Seed Oil Do For Dogs | Guide To Hemp Oil

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We get asked this a lot, "what does hemp seed oil do for dogs?" Well, hemp seed oil does a lot of things! For example, hemp oil helps to maintain a healthy skin and coat, may provide joint relief, and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids.

Hemp seed oil is extracted directly from the hemp seeds of the cannabis sativa plant.

This is different from CBD oil. CBD oil is extracted from the entire hemp plant. Full spectrum hemp oil contains CBD extract and all other cannabinoids. Broad spectrum hemp oil contain CBD extract and many other cannabinoids.

In this post, we'll talk about the potential hemp oil benefits and what they do for dogs!

What Does Hemp Seed Oil Do For Dogs

Hemp and CBD Oil For Dogs | Hemp Supplement Guide

What Does Hemp Seed Oil Do For Dogs - 5 Hemp Oil Benefits

Hemp oil offers a number of benefits for our furry friends. It's a great addition to your dog's diet.

Add hemp oil to your dog's water or their food. Even a few drops can provide a health boost!

Let's dive into some of the health benefits.

  1. Helps Maintain Skin and Coat Health

Adding hemp seed oil to your dog's daily diet has shown to support both a healthy coat and healthy skin!

Hemp seed oil may even relieve uncomfortable skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, rashes, and certain types of dermatitis.

Apply hemp seed oil topically to help alleviate these conditions. This can be done directly, mixed with water, or a specific grooming product that contains hemp seed oil.

  1. High In Antioxidants

Hemp seed oil is high in the antioxidant Vitamin E.

Vitamin E provides a number of benefits to our canine companions:

  • Boosts your dog's immune system

  • Helps with cell renewal

  • Disease prevention

  • General function of many organs

Keep reading to learn more about Vitamin E below!

Dog with vitamins

  1. May Improve Gut Health and General Well Being

Hemp seed oil is a great all natural alternative to consider if your dog has a sensitive stomach that is easily upset by new foods.

The Hemp seed oil is easily digested and filled with Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), one of the many beneficial fatty acids that supports many digestive issues.

  1. Relieve Joint Pain By Giving Your Dogs Hemp Seed Oil

Fight joint inflammation by giving your dog hemp seed oil.

Joint inflammation and cartilage damage can be worse if your dog is used to a bad diet.

Fatty acids, like Omega-3 found in hemp in hemp seed oil, have anti-inflammatory properties which provide health benefits for your dog's joints.

Hemp Seed Oil Can Help Joints

  1. Reduce Your Dog's Anxiety

Giving your dogs hemp seed oil may even provide anxiety relief.

Hemp oil can also be helpful for dogs who are anxious or stressed. The calming effect of hemp oil can help to ease separation anxiety, calm nerves during thunderstorms, and provide relief from car sickness.

Give it a try and see if it helps ease your dog's anxiety.

Hemp seed oil and CBD oil can help with anxiety

Hemp Oil Nutrition

Hemp oil has very high nutritional content and contains these vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin E

  • Magnesium

  • Vitamin B

  • Arginine

  • Omega fatty acids

  • Calcium

  • Vitamin C

Each of these helps increase your dog's health, especially since your dog's diet may not include all of the vitamins.

You can also think of hemp seed oil as a dietary supplement, similar to your typical skin and coat health supplement or a joint supplement.

Even with a healthy diet, all this nutrition is hard to come by.

CBD oil and hemp oil products

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very important for your dog's health. It helps their vision, reproductive organs, and the health of their brain, blood, and skin!

Additionally, vitamin E deficiency can affect the immune system and even cause inflammation. It's such an important nutrient.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium helps your dog metabolize food and synthesize proteins and fatty acids.

It also assists in neuromuscular transmission and even muscle relaxation!

  • Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps a number of enzymes release energy from carbohydrates and fats that your dog has consumed.

It also breaks down amino acids and helps transport oxygen and nutrients around the body!

  • Arginine

Arginine is a very important amino acids for dogs, especially older dogs.

Extreme weight loss and muscle tremors can occur in dogs that do not get enough arginine in their diet.

Be sure to include arginine in your dog's diet or administer it in a dietary supplement.

  • Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are one of the main benefits of hemp seed. These fats must be ingested by our pets, as they cannot eat it themselves.

Essential fatty acids help your dog's brain and nervous system function.

hemp plants


So, is hemp oil safe and effective? We hope this article has given you some confidence and answered your questions.

It's a well studied supplement and contains numerous nutrients and medicinal benefits.

Try adding hemp seed oil to your dog's diet and see how they benefit.

Pet owners everywhere are trying pet hemp seed oil.

Do you have any experience giving your dogs natural hemp oil? Have you given your dog CBD oil? Do you recommend organic hemp oil for other dog owners? Have you tried full spectrum hemp oil?

Let us know in the comments below!

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