Biotin for Dogs - Uses, Side Effects, and More

Biotin (vitamin B7) has many uses for both humans and dogs. Eggs, bananas, and milk all contain biotin. Supplementing your dog's diet with biotin could provide your dog a health boost.

But what does it provide? Is there enough biotin in your dog's food? Is biotin really worth supplementing? Let's take a look at some of the facts.

What is biotin for dogs?

biotin for dogs

Just like humans, dogs need biotin as part of a healthy diet. Biotin deficiency in dogs can lead to hair loss, dry flaky skin, and rashes.

So, if your dog has brittle hair, it could be worth looking into a biotin supplement. Certain breeds like English and French Bulldogs, Schnauzers, and Terriers are known for their hair loss.

Is biotin safe for dogs?

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Biotin is a safe water soluble vitamin. Since it is water soluble, excess vitamin will be excreted in your dog's urine. This makes biotin extremely safe for dogs and lowers the risk of an overdose.

Many dog food brands add biotin to their formula because it is a safe and effective supplement for your dog.

Although many dog food manufacturers add biotin to their formula, it may not be enough to reach the required daily intake. In this post, we'll also talk about the correct biotin supplements dosage for dogs.

Health benefits of biotin for dogs

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Biotin is an essential nutrient. Your dog's life will be impacted if they are biotin deficient.

      On the other hand, there are many health benefits to supplementing biotin. Let's take a look at a few benefits.

      Biotin for dogs with allergies

      Biotin helps to break down and process carbohydrates and fatty acids. So when an allergic reaction strikes, your dog will be better equipped to handle the response.

      Biotin for your dogs nails and healthy skin

      Biotin promotes cell growth in both hair and nails.

      Additionally, biotin helps your dog metabolize protein building amino acids like L-Tryptophan. These amino acids are essential for hair and nail growth.

      Improve your dog's fur and skin conditions by supplementing with biotin.

      Biotin dosage for dogs

      You can give your dog 5 mg of biotin per 22 lbs of body weight.

      For example, if your dog weighs 44 lbs you can give them 10 mg of biotin per day.

      6 Signs of a biotin deficiency in dogs

      Biotin deficiencies can show themselves in dogs who lack this important nutrient. Let's take a look at 6 signs of a biotin deficiency. 

      1. Alopecia (hair loss)
      2. Lethargy
      3. Diarrhea
      4. Anorexia or reduced appetite
      5. Scaly skin conditions
      6. Dry and/or dull coat

      Conclusion: Can dogs take biotin?

      Your dog's health is important to you and us here at Xen Pets. That's why we keep our readers informed of any supplements we believe can improve your dog's health. Biotin is no different. It's an extremely safe B Vitamin and can be given daily.

      biotin improves dogs skin and coat

      If you notice excessive shedding or issues with your dog's skin you can try supplementing with biotin.

      If biotin doesn't improve your dog's condition you may be dealing with serious health issues and should contact a vet immediately.

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