About Us

We believe that dogs are family and deserve the best supplements in the world, which is why we create products that are free of fillers and artificial ingredients.

Our calming chews are crafted by experts and recommended by dog owners all over the country for their delicious nutrients and flavors.

Xen Pets' Mission Statement

In memory of our beloved dog Daphne, we started Xen Pets in 2022. We're dedicated to improving the health and longevity of dogs everywhere. 

Every pet deserves access to healthy supplements, treats, and chews - and we're committed to providing them. 

Thanks for supporting us as we work to make the world a better place for pets everywhere.

Meet our Author and Pet Expert - Tory Johnson (She/Her)

Tory Johnson with her dog

Tory Johnson is a veteran dog trainer, dog behaviorist, and canine nutritionist with 10+ years experience.

Tory has helped countless families have beautiful relationships with their canine companions.