Learn About Your Dog's Stress

Understand your dog's stressors so you can provide the best care and support possible.

  • Stressed dog laying on a blanket.

    8 Critical Signs of Stress in a Dog

    Stress can be a contributing factor in the death of an otherwise healthy dog. Dogs owners must understand the critical signs of stress in a dog.

  • Golden Retriever

    Golden Retriever Separation Anxiety

    Golden Retrievers are known for their separation anxiety...

  • French Bulldog sitting in the woods.

    How to Help a French Bulldog With Separation Anxiety

    Many dog breeds have separation anxiety when their owners leave the house. French Bulldogs are no different. In fact, French Bulldogs are...

  • anxious dog laying on straw.

    6 Signs of an Anxious Dog: Behavior Guide 2024

    Anxiety is a common problem in dogs, with an estimated 14% of all canine pets affected by it. While some degree of anxiety is normal...

  • Dog with anxiety on the sidewalk.

    How to Socialize a Dog With Anxiety

    As dog owners, it's important to show your dog calm behavior and avoid pushing your beloved dog into uncomfortable situations...

  • Two dogs playing with a soccer ball,

    Does Getting a Second Dog Help With Separation Anxiety?

    Separation anxiety issues are a huge concern for dog owners everywhere...

  • Black dog in their crate.

    How to Crate Train a Dog With Anxiety: 5 Steps

    Crate training requires consistency. It is the key to success. Follow these 5 steps and your dog should be happy to go into their crate...

  • Dog on a padded mat in a car.

    How to Get Rid of Dog Anxiety in the Car: 5 Training Tips

    Does your dog have anxiety during car rides? Anxiety in dogs is very common, and even more common in the car...