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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do calming treats really work for dogs?

Yes, calming treats work for many dogs. Our chews are made with a super herb blend that works to calm and relax dogs. And because they’re all natural - they can be given daily. 

They’re a great supplement to healthy habits like exercise, nutrient dense kibble, and regular training.

What are the best calming treats for dogs?

Xen Pets calming chews are made with the highest quality ingredients and with your dog in mind. 

Our treats are free of toxic ingredients and fillers. The best calming treats are made from all natural ingredients and formulated specifically for canines. 

What is the best thing to calm a dog?

The best way to calm your dog is to remove them from stressful situations. 

After being removed from the situation, give your dog a calming treat or their favorite toy.

Additionally, calming music or a weighted blanket can also help.

What are signs of anxiety in dogs?

Anxious dogs will pace, pant, shake, and hide from people.

On the other hand, aggressive dogs will put their ears back, growl, and have whale eyes.

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