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Taking Your Dog To The Groomer

Sedation Dog Grooming - What do these have in common? Taking your dog grooming can be a stressful task, for both you and your dog! Sometimes, our dogs may even suffer from an anxiety attack at the groomers. Especially if they have separation anxiety. It's very sad to see and we hate when our pups go through the trauma. Some dog owners suggest behavior modification may help during these times, but it's often impossible to keep our dogs calm during a grooming session.

In these situations, a natural dog sedative for grooming sessions could be beneficial to help keep your dog calm. Your dog also may prefer to be groomed at home. Check out this article from AKC on grooming your dog at home.

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Anxious Dogs

Everyone has met anxious dogs, and some of us even have anxious and fearful dogs ourselves. Just like people, dogs suffer from stress and anxiety too. For example, without a natural dog sedative, traveling, thunderstorms, fireworks, new environments, and of course dog grooming can bring on dog anxiety.

Does Your Dog's Anxiety Increase At The Grooming Salon?

If you notice your dog becoming very unrelaxed when you get to the grooming session, you know your dog's anxiety is ever increasing. What makes matters worse is when you leave and their separation anxiety begins to surface. Not all dogs mind the grooming sessions, but a lot of dogs become very very very anxious and sometimes aggressive.

Aggressive Dogs

In addition to an anxious dog, some aggressive dogs can become a real problem while at the groomers, and it's our job as pet parents to lend a helping hand. It is very important for an aggressive and fearful dog to be totally prepared when heading to the groomers. In this situation, natural pet sedatives could be helpful.

As a pet owner, there's no worse feeling than being unable to calm your dog and to make them feel safe. Calming treats for dogs may be a great solution. 

Severe anxiety can cause aggressive behaviors

Natural Dog Sedatives

At Xen Pets we have a specially formulated Calming supplement that can be administered 30 minutes to an hour before your dog's anxiety kicks in. Our natural dog sedatives are full of herbs, thiamine, and essential amino acids. You find a list of the natural remedies below. Be sure to check out our posts on the benefits of each.

Natural ingredients For Dog Anxiety Based on a Dog's Weight

Natural Dog Sedative Ingredients

- Organic Hemp Seed

- Organic Hemp Oil

- Organic Valerian Root

- Organic Chamomile

- Organic Passion Flower

- L - Tryptophan

- Organic Ginger Root

- L - Theanine

- Thiamine

- Magnesium

Is a Dog Sedative The Right Option?

If you feel you would benefit from natural dog sedatives, our Calming supplements might be the solution you've been looking for. Our calming supplements may interact differently depending on dog breeds and your dog's weight, so be sure to follow the correct dosage. Alternatively, you could give a dog behavior specialist a call to discuss behavior modification options. Lastly, you could also try calming pills for dogs for grooming.

As always, our natural dog sedatives are not for all dogs. Your dog's medical history is very important when discussing options. So, be sure to speak with your veterinarian at your next vet visit to discuss any concerns you may have.

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