Signs Your Dog Trusts You With Their Life

Having a strong bond with your dog is one of the most rewarding feelings, but how do you know your dog truly trusts you? Dogs naturally express their affection and loyalty through physical touch like cuddles and tail wags, trust requires much more.

Fortunately, there are many different signs that can tell you if your dog really feels an emotional bond with you.

10 Signs Your Dog Trusts You

a dogs affection is a sign of trust

Let's take a look at 10 important indicators of trust so that your best friend knows how much they mean to you.

1. Your dog is happy to see you

The most obvious sign of your dog's trust is their happiness around you. Your dog should be extremely happy and excited to see you after a long day.

2. Strong eye contact

husky making eye contact

If your dog looks away and doesn't make eye contact, they may be distrustful of you. A strong sign of trust is good eye contact.

3. Your dog checks in with you

Your dog should be regularly checking in with you.

For example, if you're working from home and busy throughout the day, your dog should be coming into the office to check on you. A strong bond will drive your dog to ensure your safety.

4. Positive body language

Body language is a huge indicator of happiness, trust, and even depression.

Tail wagging and an excited demeanor are great signs of trust. Some dogs might even develop a certain tail wag intended only for you! Take notice and watch your dog's tail.

5. Your dog seeks your affection

woman kissing a dog

Your furry best friend will want praise from whomever they trust you.

Whether it's their owner, pack leader, or another dog, trust will drive them to seek affection. Give your dog a gentle pet and they'll love and trust you even more!

6. Your dog listens and responds to your commands

If your dog trusts you, they'll listen to your commands. They have a deep bond with you and know that you have their best interest in heart.

7. Cuddles, snuggles, and willing to sleep near you

Dogs want to be deeply involved with their pack members and want to be near them. You, as their owner, are part of the pack and hopefully the leader!

Dogs want to cuddle and snuggle their pack. They can feel the love and trust and therefore want to be near you. Many trusting dogs sleep as close to you as possible.

8. Positively responds to new trainings

man training his German Shepherd

Dog training can be difficult. But with a trusting dog it should be a little easier.

Build a strong bond with your dog through training and you will see a compounding effect. Your dog will be thankful for the training and more trusting as their training progresses.

Check out our list of training guides and get started today!

9. Your dog shares toys with you

Just like a toddler, some dogs may not want to share their toys. But when they do share their toys you should take note.

Sharing toys means your dog both trusts you and wants to play!

10. Rolling onto their back

dog  rolling on its back

Most dogs are physically vulnerable while on their backs. They cannot escape easily and leave their belly exposed.

A dog rolling to their back is the ultimate sign of trust. If this is your dog, know that you've done a great job raising them and be proud of their progress!


As a dog owner, it is very important to create a positive and strong bond of trust with your dog so they have the confidence to be the best pet possible. This can be especially important for rescue dogs who may have come from bad homes.

Building trust with your dog can start by simply providing them with love, assurance, and a comforting environment.

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By Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson is a veteran dog trainer, dog behaviorist, and canine nutritionist with 10+ years experience.

Tory has helped countless families have beautiful relationships with their canine companions.

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