The Best Sleep Aid for Dogs

Does your dog have trouble sleeping? Natural sleep aids are quickly becoming a popular option for dog owners everywhere. Unfortunately, natural sleep aids are difficult to find.

Most sleep aids are made with cheap and questionable ingredients. These ingredients can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, or worse.

Xen Pets calming chews are different - they're all natural. We use the highest quality ingredients to give your dog great sleep. Our calming chews are made with strong herbs, vitamins, and amino acids.

Best overall sleep aid: Max Strength Calming Chews

Sleep Aid for Dogs

Xen Pets Max Strength Calming Chews are a natural sleep aid formulated to promote a great night's sleep.

Unlike chemicals and prescription drugs, calming chews provide a fast, gentle, and effective solution for energetic dogs. Within hours of the first dose, your dog will fall into a deep sleep.

And if you're not completely satisfied with the results, there's a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • 10 natural herbs and ingredients
  • Promotes quality sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory and immune boosting
  • Heart healthy
  • Made for puppies, adults, and senior dogs
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    • Size: 90 Treats
    • Strength: 240 mg hemp, 120 mg valerian root, 90 mg chamomile, 60 mg L-Tryptophan + more
    • Flavor(s): Chicken


    • $39.99

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    Additional sleeping tips

    In addition to calming chews, we want to advise all dog owners to go on regularly scheduled walks, give proper nutrition, and set up a comfy bed for them. Doing these simple things are the best way to increase your dog's health and promote good sleep. 

    We understand this doesn't always work for pet parents. Some dogs suffer from an illness or disease that affects sleep (i.e. urinary tract infections, dementia, old age, and diabetes). In these cases, our natural calming chews are a great option.

    Sleeping Pills for Dogs (Video)


    Are calming chews and sleeping pills the same?

    Calming chews are made with all natural ingredients and herbs designed to help your dog fall asleep. Additionally, calming chews can provide anxiety and stress relief in anxious dogs.

    On the other hand, sleeping pills may contain harsh chemicals and can have terrible side effects.

    Along with a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of playtime, we recommend you stick to natural chews and forget about sleeping pills for dogs.

    Calming chews

    Calming chews are a natural sleep aid made with carefully selected herbs like ginger root, valerian root, hemp, and other ingredients.

    Our treats are designed to help dogs relax before falling asleep. They can also improve your dog's hyperactive and destructive behavior.

    Since our treats are made with natural ingredients, there's little to worry about when it comes to safety and digestion.

    Active ingredients

    calming chews for dogs ingredient list

    What are sleeping pills for dogs?

    Generally, when we think about sleeping pills, the first thing that comes to mind is melatonin.


    Melatonin can treat cognitive dysfunction, separation anxiety, and promote sleep and can be found in most health food stores.

    Although melatonin is safe for dogs, please do not give your dog human melatonin gummies.

    These gummies are made specifically for people and may contain xylitol.

    Melatonin for dogs can be found in treats and melatonin supplements made specially for them.

    Melatonin is a hormone that is found both in humans and dogs.

    Although melatonin is considered safe, it is still a strong hormone that can cause irritability.

    Even though melatonin is available over the counter, you should always speak with your vet to determine the correct dosage. Indeed, they may want to prescribe medication.


    Dog calming pheromones come in diffusers and sprays. Sometimes even a collar can have pheromones already sprayed and built into them

    Some of these pheromones may not be natural and can cause a bad reaction in your dog. Although they might appear natural, many pheromones are actually made of harsh chemicals.

    4 Natural ways to help your dog sleep

    Now that we've discussed calming chews and sleeping pills, let's take a look at other ways to help your dog sleep and relax.

    1. Provide a secure place to sleep

    Just like a nice mattress, a nice calming dog bed can go a long way. Provide your dog a stable and secure place to sleep that can become part of their bedtime routine. They'll surely thank you for it!

    2. White noise

    We love using white noise in our bedroom, and your dog may benefit too. One of the reasons us humans love our noise machines is its ability to mask other noises. This will do the same for your dog, and maybe even help with noise phobias!

    3. Exercise

    dog swimming

    This one may seem obvious, but wear your dog out! This can also help them get into a routine by setting certain times of the day where they can go on a walk with you. You can also try new and exciting exercises - like swimming!

    4. Try calming music for dogs

    Looking for a new way to relieve your dog's separation anxiety or restlessness? Look no further than Xen Pets' dog calming music.

    Just put the video on the big screen, turn up the volume, and let your dog enjoy the relaxing music and rest easy.

    dog sleeping

    Conclusion: Natural sleep aid for dogs

    If you have a dog that suffers from canine anxiety or insomnia, try one of our natural sleep aids. 

    Our calming chews are designed with soothing herbs to treat insomnia and help your dog feel more relaxed and comfortable in situations that would normally trigger their anxiety and sleep disorders.

    These natural sleep aids can provide many benefits for both young and older dogs:

    • May reduce your your dog's stress levels
    • Promotes healthy sleeping habits
    • Provides natural anxiety relief
    • Keeps your dog calm through storms and loud noises

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      Ingredients in Xen Pets' sleep aid for dogs

      Frequently asked questions

      Can I give my dog sleeping tablets or sleeping pills?

      Yes, you can try giving your dog sleep aids like Benadryl and melatonin. However, natural alternatives like calming chews are a better option.

      What medicine will make a dog sleep?

      Medicine like melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone. It has the ability to help dogs in many ways, even helping with anxiety by promoting sleep.

      Melatonin for dogs can be found in treats and melatonin supplements made specially for them.

      What can I give my dog to knock him out?

      Calming treats are designed to help dogs who are having difficulty sleeping. They can also help your anxious dog relax and improve your dog's hyperactive and destructive behavior.

      How can I sedate my dog safely at home?

      You can try giving your dog melatonin, Benadryl, or calming chews.

      Benadryl can be given to your dog safely if it's been approved by your veterinarian. Additionally, it can be a great tool in helping with seasonal allergies and mild discomfort.

      How much melatonin is safe for dogs?

      Although melatonin is widely available, you should always speak with your veterinarian to determine the right dosage for pet safety. They may even prefer a specific brand or prescription. 

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      Highly recommend 5/5 stars. I bought Xen Pets sleep aids (calming chews) last weekend because of the natural ingredients. My dog loves them, and they work, but we learned you have to give them to your dog about an hour or two before you’ll see an affect.


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